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Do you need high precision, high tolerance manufacturing and engineering services? 

Since 1953 Western Grinding Service has been successfully serving customers from all over the world.


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Western Grinding IS YOUR Technology Manufacturer


Western Grinding takes ownership of the precision quality of all of our products and processes. We review, analyze, produce, inspect and record the process from start to finish, per your requirements.

We have a wide range of CNC Swiss screw machine capabilities, from short runs (10-1000 parts) to long runs (1000-500,000+) and everything in between.

We can also do very small diameter parts (0.015).

In short, if you’re looking for a CNC Swiss screw machine company to produce your high volume custom-machined parts, you have now found it in Western Grinding Service.

Our Services

packaginContinuous improvements to our facility and our processes ensure that you will receive only quality products, on time.

We are well-experienced in working with difficult materials and complex parts that other manufacturers wish to avoid.

We routinely work with challenging materials such as: Monel, Cu-Ni, Tungsten, L-605, Incoloy, Kovar, Titanium, Molybdenum, Nickel, Inconel, and Hypo-Tubing.

Of course we also work with less challenging materials such as: Stainless Steel, KEL-F, Vespel, Noryl, Copper, Steel, Aluminum and others.

We specialize in Miniature and Micro-Precision parts and assemblies for the medical, defense, automotive, communications and other high-precision technology industries.

Our manufacturing and packaging expertise guarantees you will receive precision quality products on time with your delivery schedule.

We offer high quality packaging services that will ensure you only receive parts that have been thoroughly cleaned and packaged per your specifications. Standard and custom processes, including IPA wash cycles, are available upon request.

We perform a wide range of metalworking operations for customers in the medical field as well as for other precise applications.

Operations include Precision Mechanical Assemblies, CNC Swiss, CNC milling, CNC Super Precision Turning, Centerless Grinding, CNC Surface, ID, and OD grinding, electric motors, rotors, and many others.

Custom fixturing and tooling to improve cycle time and reduce costs are no problem for us.


CNC Swiss


CNC milling


CNC Super Precision Turning


Centerless Grinding


CNC Surface


ID and OD grinding


Electric motors




Precision Mechanical Assemblies


  • IPA wash cycles

  • Custom fixturing and tooling
  • Miniature and Micro-precision parts
  • Metalworking operations
  • And many others